Chief of Security Against Sketchy Leaves and Cuddling Expert

Remi was a rescue much like Zeak but her story is a little different. Remi was originally found as a puppy wandering around a construction site. She was brought home by someone who's wife quickly reminded him it may not be the best idea to bring home a strange Doberman with 19 month old daughter. He agreed and found a new home for her. Her new home meant being a very sweet companion for someone who unfortunately was terminally ill. It wasn't long before Remi's companion passed away and she needed a new home again. It took one glance at picture of her sweet face to know we could be her fur-ever home.

Remi knows no bounds when it comes to personal space but she's such a great cuddle that we usually don't mind at all. She's an expert when it comes to DIY landscaping and can dig a hole in a jiffy. She can identify a great patio like no one else and is always our first go-to when trying to judge how "walk-able" the sidewalks are in any neighborhood.

She is great at warding off sketchy leaves in her role as Chief of Security  but she is also full protection trained so she makes a terrific companion when working from home!