Senior Chief Procurement

Officer of Hot Dogs

& Soft Place to Lay Specialist

Zeak was a senior rescue from the Pasadena Animal Shelter.  He's been a part of the family & team since 2016. We were told he was about 12 at the time but we're more convinced every day that he's the Benjamin Button of dogs.

Zeak is gold star certified in napping so he'll be able to guide you to the softest places to lay. When he isn't busy sniffing out a great deal on a house or delivering some pawsitive feedback after an appraisal, you'll find him trying to get a bite of a hot dog or in a drive-thru line trying to order ALL of the chicken nuggets.


In his free time, Zeak likes to go for a walk, ride in the car, or take another nap. He also enjoys the occasional puppachino!